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Chicago Plow Tracker Status

Component Status
Is the plow tracker turned on? (API) Checking ...
Is there snow plow data? (API) Checking ...

Checked at

This is a tool to track the status of the City of Chicago Plow Tracker. We depend on the tracker to run ClearStreets, a tool that lets you see if and when your street has been plowed.

When the City's site doesn't work, ours doesn't either.


This tool was inspired by the article in TIME about the team that fixed the healthcare.gov website. Specifically, this part:

"One of the things that shocked Burt and Park's team most--"among many jaw-dropping aspects of what we found," as one put it--was that the people running HealthCare.gov had no "dashboard," no quick way for engineers to measure what was going on at the website, such as how many people were using it, what the response times were for various click-throughs and where traffic was getting tied up."